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Advertise on Australia’s largest property sites and stay listed until your property is leased at no extra cost.

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eezirent provides online property management and advertising tools that makes self-managing your properties easy.

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Listing Services

With a one off payment, eezirent allows you to advertise on Australia's largest property websites. We'll keep your listing visible until you tell us it's rented.

Tenant Screening

Check applicants with Equifax's National Tenancy Database. The report includes ID verification, a tenancy blacklist check, bankruptcy status, court rulings, and company directorships.

Management Tools

Look after the day to day management of your lease by issuing rent, bond, and utility receipts. eezirent's property dashboard allows you to build your own property ledgers, access every form you need, as well as revise comprehensive fact sheets for every stage of the lease.

Access all the tools you need to successfully get tenants and self-manage your rental property with ease.

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