Minimise Your Risk

Verify Identification

Who is this person wanting to rent your property? Using drivers licence or passport details, the National Tenancy Database check will make sure the applicants are who they say they are.

Rental History Check

Has the applicant damaged a property or left the owner out of pocket for rent? Are they on the tenancy blacklist? The NTD search will screen for tribunal or court rulings on commercial matters.

Bankruptcy check

Do they pay their bills? The NTD search will check the bankruptcy status of the applicant.

Only $20 Per Applicant

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Minimise The Risk Of Bad Tenants


Get the applicant’s details and permission


If you use eezirent’s free online application system, or the eezirent application form available to subscribers, you can gather all the information and the permission required to do a tenancy check.



Order an NTD check


In your eezirent dashboard either click the NTD request button on the menu, or click the request link on the applicant’s online application.



Within 24 hours you will get a report that covers:


Identity Verification & Blacklist Screening
Bankruptcy & Court Records Check
ASIC Company Directorship Check


Get everything you need to know about your tenants from one place.

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