Our Story

Our story begins by asking, “if an individual can advertise a car on the same website used by the car dealerships, then why can’t a landlord advertise a rental property on the same website used by real estate agents?

Now we’ve made it possible for landlords to compete in a highly competitive tenant market.

We are an Australian owned company founded by residential and commercial landlords. Our aim is to empower private landlords so they can manage their own investment properties online. To achieve this, we remove all barriers preventing private landlords from accessing the marketing and risk management tools used by real estate agents.

Our goal is to grow the community of private landlords in Australia.

Our easy-to-use dashboard gives private landlords the ability to advertise their properties on Australia’s most searched real estate websites, screen their applicants with a tenancy database, and easily access all the knowledge and documents they need to manage a lease.

Previously it’s been difficult for private landlords to compete in the real-estate industry, but that all changes with us. Give our friendly customer support team a call and talk about how you can take control of your investment property. eezirent does not: manage, buy, or sell properties. We simply provide a platform to even the playing field for private landlords and building managers.

* In 2024, eezirent teamed up with buymyplace to create the largest DIY brand in Australia.