Ledger Tools

Use our receipting and ledger tools for efficient income tracking on your property. A tenant's request for a receipt or copy of their ledger is easily done in a few clicks.

Essential Forms

Access all necessary forms for the duration of the lease. We've included all statutory forms plus other checklists designed to ensure you have everything covered and your legal obligations are met.

Landlord Support

If you're ever unsure what to do, just call or email our customer support service. You can get advice from a licenced property manager, delivering great peace of mind for self-managing landlords.


Our document library contains clear, practical instructions and advice for every stage of the lease. The fact sheets are separated in the dashboard to include your state's current legislation.

Simple online tools


Access essential ledger tools, forms, and fact sheets that help you manage your properties with ease.

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It’s like a 24-hour property management office in your pocket.

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